How To Control SEO Link Juice And Make Sure You Buy Safe SEO Gigs

How To Control SEO Link Juice To Buy SEO Gigs Safely And Deal With Not Paying Clients

In this article and video you will find out how to make sure that the SEO gigs you buy boost your rankings and are safe, as well as how to control the link juice for your clients rankings just in case they stop paying for your services.

SEO Market I use –  (Pretty Link in use)

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If you buy an SEO gig and it appears that for example the vendor messed up your anchor text, you can redirect the link juice from your money url to a web 2.0 blog post or another page of your tier 1,2 or 3 – it’s up to you and you have full control over where your links point to. This way keep all the link power you purchased.

And if for example you ranked roofers from LA and they stopped paying, you can rank another LA roofing company a lot faster by redirecting the link juice you’ve already paid for.

You can use it also for ranking videos, just in case for some reasons it got removed by YouTube or/and it was your client’s video.

As an alternative to Pretty Link there are some more redirecting plugins, and as an alternative to using WordPress is – a free web-based tool to make your custom 301 redirects for pretty much everything I told you about. As I like to keep control over everything I rather like using the Pretty Link as I showed you above.

One other free tool you may want to check:

You can use it to check your redirect links.

Thank you for checking out this article and if you have any questions etc. simply use the comment section below or ask in my Facebook group, where we discuss SEO matters and where I post free online tools.


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  1. Hi Luke,
    In example #2 you suggest placing all web 2.0 links to client site (LA roofers) through pretty link redirect? Is so many 301 redirects OK with Google? Do they treat them like url shorteners (e.g.

    1. Hey,

      Long story short – yes.
      Of course the more sources of 301s (like your domain 1, domain 2, etc.) the better, but it’s a good way when you don’t own the web 2.0s.


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