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Check Out The Best Local SEO Packages And Learn The SEO That Works Using The Power Of VIDEO

The video below is not mine but this guy is my returning customer and I found this video valuable because it demonstrates one of the strategies of SEO that works and these local SEO packages can be used also for an affiliate marketing and pretty much for anything you like.

It also works for any kind of rankings using video so just get the idea.

It’s important so you understand that a video has a huge value as content and as a backlink source as well, and hitting both – the video and the website, boosts the rankings of both and they gain each other.

What is not said in the video: this way, if you hit the video with more links and focus on ranking it itself, you can have even three spots on the 1st page of Google:

  1. The website in the local 3-pack
  2. The website in organic search engine results
  3. The video in organic web results plus of course in video SERP and YouTube too, you’re boosting five places

As I use this strategy in most of my projects I wanted to make a video about this myself, but I think you should get the idea after you watch the video below.

Links to the local seo packages:

For SEOs that rank more than four videos per month, I suggest using the tool we use to execute the market orders. It saves over 75% of the money and you have more power by editing your PBN post to a full article. I use it on daily basis, it rocks and it gives you an ability to get the set of backlinks, video embeds and social signals below $1 per video. It’s our VIP tool and sometimes we open it for new members, so it’s worth to jump in if you see it’s available. Here’s more info:

BUT there’s a tool that’s a lot better and that gives you better results and flexibility you need, and it does more, including CTR video views (the tool searches for your video and watches it the amount of time which you set up) and lowering your website bounce rate (!!!). I use it myself and it’s awesome.

When you get the Crowdsearch gig you never know what’s the quality of the clicks, so the bad ones, which means those who are performed just to gather some Crowdsearch points, actually can hurt your rankings, because the can gain your bounce, which you don’t want.

This is why I highly recommend Vid Attack Alpha tool, and it has a lot more awesome video SEO features, which I use on daily basis, and beside the Syndicator, they are my MUST-DOs when it comes to YouTube & Google rankings. CLICK HERE TO GET MORE INFO ABOUT THE VID ATTACK ALPHA

For Vid Attack Alpha you need proxies, so I recommend dedicated proxies from Blazing SEO, as they are the cheapest option and they work fro me the best. Here’s the link:

  • Google Local Reviews – NOT Available at the moment, but simply search for it in the market.
  • The cheaper alternative to Yext – NOT Available at the moment, but again – simply search for it in the market.

Bonus gigs:

You can look for another video creators on this market too. It depends on what you need.

UPDATE: Source Market is KonKer now.

seo that works - local seo packages

Thanks for checking this info about the combining video and local seo packages. I’ll see you in another post from SEO that works series and I hope you make some money of it, so you could get a Lambo or sth like that ;D



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