Best YouTube Ranking Software UPDATED

Best YouTube SEO Tool Update

MIMP Syndicator – The Easiest & The Fastest YouTube Ranking Software – Click Here For More Info

Yes, the My IM Place Syndicator has been updated and now it has more power, it’s faster and more convenient to work with.

Below I’m pasting the transcript of the video, but you don’t need to read that 😉


Hey, I’m Luke Kubow and in the next few minutes I’m going to demonstrate why My IM Place Syndicator is the easiest and the fastest video SEO tool has ever seen.
Forget creating links and embedding videos manually, buying gigs on Fiverr, or creating web 2.0 websites and social profiles. My IM Place Syndicator is going to do everything for you. It’s going to enable you to post to all of these high authority sites in less than 30 seconds.
As you already know SEOs all around the world use these do-follow links and social signals to rank high in Google. Embeds are a MUST if you want to rank your videos in search engines and get organic traffic.
There is one major problem that affects all of the SEOs I just mentioned as well as my own business. That problem is lack of TIME to build high-quality backlinks for many projects or/and the necessity to pay for Fiverr, SEO Clerks etc.!
Have you been experiencing these problems? It’s near impossible to take care of the links for many clients or/and affiliate offers if you’re constantly having to do this boring job over and over.
That is until now… behind closed doors, the My IM Place team and I have been working on a way to save every SEO (advanced and beginners) a lot of time, money, and efforts by generating more links from high Authority domains faster than ever before!
Enter the My IM Place Syndicator! This unique technology allows you to post your content to 150+ web 2.0 websites (including video embeds), our self-hosted aged PBN website, create social signals, like Twitter Tweets (including video embeds) & Facebook shares in less than 30 seconds of work, and with a click of a button, turbocharge your links with social bookmarks like Diigo without a hassle or a hitch. Also, we added tier linking, domain authority stacking, and RSS syndication, so you could constantly outrank your competition fast.

Let me show you how the tool works!

We are logged into our account. The first step is to click Add New. In the title we put our keywords – I suggest two: how to lose weight, magic diet
Next, we put our tags, here and here, meta title, meta description, we set up a category, here we put our embed code, our link, set up the permalink, and we can preview it. If we like it we hit Publish. That’s it. After around 7 hours when the syndication process is complete, you can come back and edit your post to a full article.

This way you will get a PBN post boosted on autopilot, so it looks natural and has more power. We’ll be constantly boosting the metrics of our website so this feature alone has a huge value we could charge for a lot. This PBN is a real website with real organic traffic and people reach out to me with paid guest post offers, which means their SEO tools detect the Syndicator as a website with good metrics. And you get it as a part of the deal for a fraction of the cost.
Of course, this is just a part of the Syndicators’ arsenal, because additionally your money URL is shared on high-quality web 2.0 blogs along with embeds, social shares, and our secret DAS & RSS syndication, 100% on autopilot with around 30 seconds of work. It literally is push-button simple.

Well, high YouTube and Google rankings equal money. When you are able to rank high in Google and YouTube you can make money.

You can use this tool for local business videos, Affiliate Offers, Your Own Products, boosting your YouTube Channel or Vlog, boosting your playlists, Vimeo, ecom products, your blogs, and websites, as the AI implemented in this tool recognizes the content type you submit and syndicates it to a safe number of properties; And unlike anything you’ve ever seen before this tool actually does the huge part of the job for you. Instant Embeds, INSTANT SOCIAL SIGNALS, INSTANT DAS, INCLUDING GOOGLE DOMAIN AUTHORITY STACKING + More. THIS SOFTWARE IS YOUR LINK BUILDING SOLUTION.

Since 2016, our customers have been able to generate a ton of results because we identified what strategies actually work, and then combined them with the simplest way that would appeal to them.

My IM Place Syndicator video submissions are ones of the most famous and bestselling services on SEO markets like Legiit or Konker in video SEO categories, recommended by such SEO channels and authorities like Alex Beckers’ Source Wave, OMG Machines, Anthony Hayes or Chris Walker known as SuperstarSEO, with over 1000 positive reviews, and these are only a few of them:

One submission to over 100 aged high-quality blogs is at least 15$, and one Google DAS is at least $50. Having the Syndicator you can submit one post per day, so the monthly fee would be 30 x 65 = $1950 per month.
Currently, on the SEO markets, we are charging for this a lot, even without the possibility of editing posts.
But you are not gonna pay 450$ / month. You are not going to pay even 200$/month. You are not gonna pay even 150$ / month. Check out our Special, Extremely Affordable offer that we have for you right now.
Click the buy button below this video and take advantage of our low price.
As we want this unique tool to be exclusive and hidden from the crowd we open registration for 200 users only.
So click the buy button now and secure your spot.
I look forward to helping you make more money in your business and even if you’re starting out, arm you with a tool that will enable you to gain an unfair advantage over your competition.

This has been Luke Kubow, and see you inside the easiest YouTube SEO tool ever created!

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