Article Monster – The Best Article Writer Software

The Best Unique Content Generator

The Article Monster is the best article writer software. When you’re able to transcribe any video then possibilities are endless.

You can use this software

  • to create high-quality articles for your SEO (PBN, web 2.0 posts etc.)
  • to create content for your blog
  • to create script templates for your video and for your articles as well
  • to create script templates for your podcasts
  • to create articles that you can sell on Fiverr, Leggit and other portals like that

As you can see there’s a lot of ways to make money with this tool.

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The Best Transcription Software

Like I have already mentioned – you can transcribe ANY video – not only those with the subtitles.

This makes our tool the most powerful transcription software ever.

Normally transcription services cost a lot of money because you need to pay for every single video or audio file that you want to transcribe.

With Article Monster it’s fast, easy and free. Just take a look:

And just a reminder: getting transcription from videos that have subtitles on YouTube takes around 20 seconds. Just paste the link and hit the button. Exactly like I did it here:

As you can see it’s the easiest unique content generator software.

Click Here To Get The Article Monster

With this software, you can forget about spending hours or/and money on writing the articles yourself.

It’s easy like copy and paste.

As you saw on the first video you can get it for free, so take advantage of this tool right now.

I’ll see in the next videos.



best article writer software

  1. It is very useful for the new blogger like me. It is a very unique method to generate article
    Definitely, I will check this

    1. Luke saw an article another blogger is saying this doesnt work he has embedded your video toostop selling scam man! & Its not free we have to pay for it too right?

  2. Thank you for sharing this unique tool! Could you please tell me where can I get this tool to put in the article video from YouTube?

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